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Traveling CNA Reciprocity Link

Becoming an Traveling CNA is the way to go. If you don't have any kids or if you have an great support system for your kids become an traveling CNA. It's so many benefits that comes with this position.



  1. Free Housing- Staffing company most likely will provide an hotel room or air bnb while you're contracted

  2. Flexible schedule- Most times you can make your own schedule long as you give the facility you're working at the hours they required on your contract. You will still have time to enjoy the state you're contracted in.

  3. Higher Salary - from experience all companies pay between $25.00-$50.00 hourly

  4. Benefits- every company benefit package is different

  5. Bonuses-Most companies have sign on bonuses ($1,000-$3,000)

  6. Traveling opportunities- you are able to travel to different states while making a pay check and housing free lol I can't stress this one enough!

  7. Networking Opportunities- Take advantage of this opportunity to also learn new things and get new ideas to benefit your life and career

  8. Stipend/reimbursement-Most companies will give you an $50 stipend for food everyday you work and will provide or refund you for transportation to work

It's so much more I can say about becoming an traveling CNA but those are the main benefits. All you have to do now is click on the link To get start on your reciprocity applications. I live in Alabama so of course I received my certification in Alabama . But I am certified in Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia. It took about two week to get approved. Some of the application will have to be mailed and some are done online. Instructions to each state is in the reciprocity link.

Thank you all so much for reading my blog . I hope this was helpful

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